April 1, 2019

Appian BPM

All business executives are interested in increasing their company’s efficiency. In order to do so, the high quality of products and services must be maintained. However, in a fast-changing market, this might become quite a challenge. The implementation of required changes into the business process quite often takes so long that the request becomes irrelevant by the end of the upgrade. Also, the lack of transparent role and responsibility division might cause uncertainty in non-routine situations, which in turn leads to an increase in execution time.

Therefore, a company’s success depends largely on its flexibility. It includes:

  • fast reaction to market changes
  • rationality of use resources
  • product and service innovation
  • competitive price
  • service of high quality

The introduction of automated business process management can provide the desired flexibility. One of the possible approaches is the following:

BPM is a concept of process-based business management. BPM considers business process to be special company resource that continuously adapts to changes. The methodology is based on several principals, i.e monitoring, analysis; clarity and visibility of business processes provided by modeling using formalized notation; execution; the possibility of dynamic reconfiguration of business process models by their participants with the help of software systems.

First of all, BPM is a management approach that consists of the followings steps:

  • Design – identifying existing business processes, designing to-be processes, preparing the appropriate theoretical documentation
  • Modeling – Design business process model using one of the standard notation (BPMN, IDEF0 and other), studying all possible process states and parameters in various conditions
  • Execution –Enacting an automated business process involving the company’s employees
  • Monitoring –Defining and monitoring control parameter, tracking processes, collecting statistics
  • Optimization – Identifying opportunities for improving business process execution efficiency based on data retrieved in monitoring

Business Process Management System (BPM) is used for implementation of BPM concept. These systems help to reduce innovation time, to optimize processes and increase their flexibility.


Appian is one of the world leading platforms.

It is a low-code development platform for building business process management (BPM) applications for any devices with very little coding. This enables to significantly raise innovation speed.

The key aspects of Appian are:

Fast development and debugging using declarative language, visual development tools, reusing components and models

Instant single-click deployment. It allows making changes on the fly and implementing them into production with no downtime

Easy presentation of data and reports from across existing systems with the possibility of binding related actions and displaying new

Built-in connectors for integration with other applications without any coding

The social collaboration feature enables users to connect with other team members for project discussions

Unmatched Security

Multiple deployment options including cloud-based, on-premise or a hybrid of the two

Technical support includes online case management, phone support, live screen sharing, a knowledge base, phone and email


At the present time our staff is comprised of highly qualified certified specialists including developers, analytics, Quality Assurance (QA) Engineers. BPM-developers are certificated in Appian Credential Program including Analyst Credential, Designer Credential, Lead Designer Credential. Our team has developed our own framework to reduce the time of web interface testing automation.

Our small team has developed and put into operation 14 business applications with external systems integration. There are local, domestic and international transfers, payroll programme service; service providers’ bills payments, user and group management, and others. Implemented business processes are widely used not only by back-office employees, but also by external systems such as Mobile bank.

The Appian platform has made it possible to design with Agile methodology as evidenced by our experience in international projects.

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