September 29, 2022

Armenia Employee Spotlight: Meet Leadex Systems staff!

Our most valuable asset is our people. We believe that a strong team is made up of strong individuals and are committed to people’s growth and teamwork. Technology and a passion for life are two themes that we share. Beyond these, we are all unique and diverse.

Meet Leadex Systems QA automation engineer, Anton, from Armenia.

Anton Kanunnikov, Leadex Systems QA Automation Engineer

Why have you decided to join Leadex Systems?

The team, the stack, and the business processes. I really like the people at Leadex Systems. Great guys, some of whom I have worked with before. Then there is the choice of technologies we work with here — all relevant, known, and loved. And the last but not the least reason I wanted to work here was the clear and transparent working flow. You know your role, responsibilities, and timing. There are well-defined limits and the right amount of flexibility within them.

What do you value most here?

Basically, it is the same reason why I joined Leadex Systems in the first place — the team. Great guys. All professionals. The technical background is solid, communication is easy, and there is a perfect work-life balance. Hence, team spirit is great — you know you can rely on your colleagues to do their part, share information and knowledge when needed.

What are your major activities as a QA automation engineer?

Test automation, development and support of the test framework, training and knowledge transfer for a junior QA automation engineer.

What does your typical day look like?

My working day is similar to the day of any test automation engineer. Development of test scenarios, launching and debugging tests, calls, meetings, and communications. Nothing outstanding.

Do you get to interact with customers?

So far, only once. Recently I did a demo for customers. I liked it. I would repeat it.

Are there career and professional growth opportunities at Leadex Systems?

Of course, as in any IT company. There is no hierarchy other than by skill and intelligence. You take responsibility and you grow as a specialist. If you want more, you do more. There are no boundaries or ceilings, except in your head. The rest can always be negotiated.

How would you describe Leadex Systems’ working culture?

We are an outsourcing team for the development of technical solutions in the field of fintech. We work on Scrum, two-week sprints.




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