Unleashing the Power of MuleSoft

Unifying CRM Platforms for Enhanced Performance

Explore how Leadex Systems leveraged MuleSoft integration to unify multiple CRM platforms

Client Overview

The company, known for its innovation and commitment to global connectivity, is a leading telecommunications company. Offering a diverse range of services, including mobile, fixed-line, internet, and data solutions, the company ensures seamless communication and connectivity. With a customer-centric approach and a reliable network infrastructure, it has become the preferred choice for individuals and enterprises, enabling digital transformation and delivering exceptional experiences.


The client, a dynamic enterprise, faces the challenge of using multiple CRM platforms across different companies within the organization. Each company manages its sales opportunities independently, resulting in limited visibility into the overall sales pipeline performance and hindering effective collaboration among sales teams. To address this issue, the client needs to consolidate all the disparate CRM systems into a unified platform specifically designed for enterprise sales. This consolidation will provide a comprehensive view of sales opportunities, streamline processes, and enhance sales performance.

Key Objectives:

  1. Centralize Sales Data: The primary objective is to integrate all CRM platforms used by the various companies within the group into a centralized system. This integration will provide a unified view of the sales pipeline and enable better tracking and management of sales opportunities.
  2. Reporting and Analytics: Robust reporting and dashboard capabilities are required to gain insights into sales performance, track key metrics, and facilitate data-driven decision-making. Accurate and timely reports are crucial for monitoring sales activities and identifying areas for improvement.
  3. Seamless Integration: The new CRM platform needs to seamlessly integrate with other CRM systems used across the organization to have a comprehensive view of customer interactions and sales opportunities. API integration is crucial to facilitate data exchange and ensure data consistency across platforms.


Leadex Systems utilized several CRMs, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector, DataWeave Transformations, and Salesforce, along with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Account Bidirectional Sync. By leveraging Anypoint connectors, various operations such as server access management, entity creation, updating, and deletion, entity retrieval, association and disassociation, action execution, and real-time broadcasting of changes between Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce accounts were enabled. Real-time synchronization was achieved through rapid polling of the Microsoft Dynamics instance, ensuring only the latest items were synchronized. Additionally, batch processing and watermarking efficiently handled large record sets. The opportunity sync followed a similar approach to account sync, promptly updating any new accounts or changes in Salesforce.

Leadex Systems employed MuleSoft’s deployment concepts, including the runtime engine and control plane, for API and Mule application deployment and management. CloudHub, an integration platform as a service (iPaaS), was utilized for high availability, clustering, scale-out, monitoring, logging, alerting, management, automatic security updates, and more. CloudHub’s worker clouds in 12 regions facilitated global distribution, reducing latency. These solutions successfully integrated the CRM platforms, allowing the sales team to efficiently manage their opportunity pipeline within a unified Salesforce CRM system.

Value-driven Result

By implementing MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, Leadex Systems successfully integrated three separate CRM systems (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and DataWeave Transformations) into one unified enterprise sales pipeline for the client. The integration not only saved time and resources by eliminating manual data entry and duplicate records but also provided valuable insights through comprehensive reporting and dashboard capabilities. Overall, the implementation of MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform enabled the client to streamline their sales operations and drive growth through a unified, data-driven approach.

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