DevOps Services
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Increase your business agility and cut the costs
Increase your business agility
and cut the costs

Leadex Systems applies DevOps approach to all projects and provides MuleSoft DevOps processes automation services. We set up infrastructure through the complete pipeline – from submitting a ticket up to the final feature release to production. We deploy and support products in production environments meeting the defined SLA.

DevOps is a modern solution to common issues faced in the IT industry, including bottlenecks in the Software Development Life Cycle, siloed team members, and the uncertainty of deploying changes. Through a series of standardized and automated processes, DevOps enables IT teams to deliver applications and services more quickly and with greater quality.

Adopting key DevOps practices

Continuous Integration – integrating code into a shared control repository on a daily basis – to better detect bugs and increase transparency.

Continuous Delivery and Deployment – deploying fixes and changes systematically – for a software deployable through the lifecycle.

Automated Testing – continuous testing of deployments and deliveries – to lower the risk of delays.

Active Monitoring – scheduled checks of platforms, applications, and solutions – for better performance and health.

Application logging  – is a critical part of log management and can help keep your business running smoothly and securely.

There are numerous tools that enterprises use to set up a DevOps practice. The challenge is to integrate them, maintain security, and keep control of the process. We use API-led connectivity, a methodical approach to integration that connects and exposes assets through modern, managed APIs. As a result, each asset or API can be integrated easily through plug-and-play. With API-led connectivity, organizations can ensure that they are not unproductively replicating efforts, creating applications in silos, or ineffectively exposing assets across the organization.

DevOps Tools: Building

Gradle / Maven / Anypoint Studio / Bitbucket / Docker / Git / Perforce

DevOps Tools: Testing

MUnit / SoapUI / JUnit / Arma / Parasoft / Perfecto / Zuul / SonarQube

DevOps Tools: Deploying

Artifactory / Puppet / Ansible Chef / HP Codar / IBM UrbanCode Deploy / Jenkins / GitLab CI

Cloud technologies:

AWS / OCI / Kubernetes / OpenShift / Ranche

Integrating DevOps Tools with API-led Connectivity

With API-led connectivity, each asset or API can be integrated easily through plug-and-play. The asset also becomes discoverable through self-service and easily governed through compliance.

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