July 25, 2022

Dubai Employee Spotlight: Meet Our Staff!

Our most valuable asset is our people. We believe that a strong team is made up of strong individuals and are committed to people’s growth and teamwork. Technology and a passion for life are two themes that we share. Beyond these, we are all unique and diverse.

Meet our MuleSoft architect, Dmitry, from Dubai.

What does your usual day at Leadex Systems look like?

My two main areas are strategy and overall management. Some days are more technical: I dive into technology strategy, review architecture, supervise sales pitches or demo preparation. Other days are more about operations or meeting with clients. My team is very well organized, and I rely a lot on my technical leads and operations manager to keep the business running. It gives me freedom to do what I love most — align solutions with clients’ business goals, resolve bottlenecks and roadblocks in API development, manage roadmaps, and attend high-profile client meetings. 

What company value resonates with you most and why? 

For me, it is agility and constant development. I juggle a bunch of versatile responsibilities, from integration approach and strategy to technology decisions and sales pitches. It requires focus and flexibility. We learn as we go and adjust when required. 

Why have you chosen MuleSoft as the main integration and API management solution?

From early on, I was a fan of enterprise integration. My journey with MuleSoft started in 2008. Back then, it was called an enterprise service bus (ESB). I also worked with other vendors’ solutions and can definitely say MuleSoft is our vendor of choice after thorough research and hands-on experience. API development and integration are pretty complex processes. MuleSoft delivers on its promises. It is very consistent, very effective, and you can start small and build on it as you move forward. MuleSoft has done an outstanding job not only with the tools and the platform but also with the API-led methodology. You get best practices, manuals, and step-by-step instructions, and you smoothly move ahead with the solution. They are also very responsive to customer feedback and provide substantial technical and marketing support. This year, we became a MuleSoft partner, and the experience has far exceeded our expectations.

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